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... The toothy, gnawing rabbit

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(not quite right, but how else do I sum it up?)

You Get

Extraverted iNtuition (You must be talking about...)
Extraverted Feeling (I'm so sorry your kitty died~~ *sniffle*)

I Get

Introverted Feeling (I'm so sorry my kitty died~~ *sniffle*)
Introverted Percieving (I should write. But I'm playing Chrono Trigger instead! XD XD)

The Dark Side

Dark iNventing (He stared Ethan's corpse, too tired to feel grief. "I'm the last one... Soon, I'll be dead, too...")
Dark Reticency (Must stay here, alone in the darkness...)

The Light Side

Light Empathy (Aw, you poor thing! Here, have a cookie! It looks like a rainbow, does that make you feel better?? ;_;)

Look at the chibis! XD I love them. *huggles*